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Car Insurance Questions & Answers

If your auto insurance knowledge is based on what you hear from others than you may find that some of it isn’t true or outdated. The rules, regulations and company policies changes so fast that makes these street smart answers to be irrelevant now. We thought to prepare a resources page that responds to some of the concerns our visitors may have. Here are some of the common auto insurance questions.

Can Some Neighborhoods Be Expensive for Vehicle Insurance?

Actually, some neighborhoods can be high risk zones for insurers that they charge more for applicants from such zip codes. It may sound unfair but it is like losing the zip code draw if you live in such an area eve you are in the good part of it.

How Much Traffic Tickets Affect My Rates?

Some traffic ticket like parking ticket aren’t with the interest of the insurers. However, you could see your rates increase as you start picking up speeding or red light camera tickets. You may even lose your license after a few of those if your state has point system.

Why Auto Insurers Check for Credit Score?

This may appear to be another poor vs rich divide. Companies are now allowed to check credit score for the purpose of giving quotes because they believe people with higher scores are less likely to make a claim.

Are Companies Allowed to Drop their Policyholders?

Certainly. Most courts in the country agree that there are plenty of choices available to motorists that being dropped by one provider isn’t a big deal. They take the view that you move on and find another one.

Isn’t Shopping around for a Cheaper Auto Insurance Waste of Time

If saving $500 or more is waste of time, yes. Some people can save a lot more. On the other hand you may not save a lot of money if you are already pay low premiums.

Are Six-Monthly or Annual Policies Better?

If you are expecting your situation deteriorate in the near future you should go for the longer term. In the opposite case you should pick up a shorter-term policy. Most policies are sold on a six-monthly basis in the USA.

Can I Drop My Son/Daughter Who Is away at College?

If your teenage child is living at a college miles away from home you may not have to keep insuring him/her to drive your car. You should talk to your insurer and ask them to drop him/her or offer you sufficient discounts since he/she is not driving your car or driving only occasionally.

How Much Moving to a City Can Increase My Rates?

If you are living in a quiet countryside and moving to a city shortly you will probably see large premium increases. Cities are busier and there are higher crimes there that companies consider it to be high risk to be a city motorist. The difference can be as much as twice in rates.

Would Cheaper Cars Be Cheaper to Insure too

This isn’t always true but there is certain level of truth in it. Some companies care more about safety and security features that new and expensive cars can be cheaper to insure with them. Also, it can be expensive to insure a cheap car if it is easy to steal it.